Brand: Siemens-Sirona
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Reference: QS17100






Replacement push-button rotor for Sirona-Siemens T1- control.

Ceramic ball bearings, torlon or phenolic radial cage.

Electronically balanced .

Minimum order 3 pieces.

Contact us via e-mail for more information.

Buy 10 pieces and Get 1 rotor free!

Buy 15 pieces and Get 2 rotors free!

- High Quality Auto chuck design: Spring/Clamp Pad. Same design as high quality Japanese manufacture.

- Minimum pulling force 25N/ 6 POUNDS/2.5 KILOS

- Heat-treated stainless steel

- Precision ground to roundness tolerances of 0.001 mm

- Exceeds ISO standard by 50% for true concentricity to reduce noise    and vibration

- Safe – provides reliable performance with undersized burs.

-  Individually and clearly serialized for traceability.

 - 9 month’s warranty on spindle only.

 - High quality ceramic bearings.